Proven Technology

BioMass Energy Techniques, a leader in renewable energy innovation, has leveraged years of proven technology and systems with an extensive track record to create the new BET Systems which deliver ground breaking solutions without the uncertainty of many new technologies.

Innovation and solutions for today’s problems can coexist with peace of mind and proven results. BioMass Energy Techniques brings new vision to established science, delivering unprecedented results that represent an entirely new dimension in renewable energy.
Each aspect of the BET Systems which are on the market today can be pointed back to many years of field testing, functional application, and clarity around capacity, limitations, input requirements and deliverable outputs.

With over 130 installed applications in North America and Europe, BioMass Energy Techniques continues to build on the reputation of being the leader in renewable energy innovation. This proven technology is the only system that does not require major energy consumption to operate. It is the most efficient system on the market, and our team of experts have customized installation projects to fit a wide variety of applications.

Benefit from the latest in renewable energy technology and techniques while enjoying the confidence that comes with a consistent track record of results.