BET’s Pyrolysis Rotating Drum (PRD) technology, provides the solution to the global waste and landfill crisis.

From simple to private residential systems across North America, BET systems have been proven in a multitude of applications.

As EPA case studies have shown, cogeneration can significantly reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.

Waste-to-energy (WtE) is an effective process of generating energy in the form of heat and/or electricity from the primary treatment of waste…

As a soil amendment charged with nutrients and inoculated with microbes, biochar products unleash a biological explosion in soil.

We work with each of our customers to leverage their ideas and our BET Technology to create a custom solution that generates as much energy as possible while expending as little energy as possible.

We consider all aspects in the life cycle of energy to ensure the highest ratio of return on energy invested.

With the continuing commitment to product improvement, we proudly introduced our new ‘PRD’ product line in 2020. This new product line combines the proven technology and benefits of a rotary kiln, pyrolyzing feedstock in an oxygen deprived environment, and the standard BET microgasification technology. The PRD solution represents entirely new opportunities for biochar producers, and those looking to attain clean energy from waste.

BET BioMass Energy System.

The BET BioMass Energy System represents state of the art technology in renewable energy that has been proven in numerous applications as the best solution for efficient energy production.

The standard system features 14 different models burning at heats of over 2,600 degrees F, and boasts thermal outputs between 225,000 and 22,000,000 BTU. The BET BioMass Energy System is capable of being customized to the unique needs of each end user.

The new PRD product line represents the a new product line which was developed in 2020 by the product development and innovation team at BioMass Energy Techniques. In its conception it was stated that this new BET System would combine the proven technologies of a rotary kiln with the traditional BET System.