BioChar Production

A proven soil enhancer for over a thousand years.

As a soil amendment charged with nutrients and inoculated with microbes, biochar products unleash a biological explosion in soil.

Biochar can be an important tool to increase food security and cropland diversity in areas with severely depleted soils, scarce organic resources, and inadequate water and chemical fertilizer supplies.

Over the years, further research has shown biochar to be useful in numerous other applications including as a food additive, livestock supplement, water retention and filtration, construction aggregate, and much more!

Extremely efficient heat production allows the BET BioMass System to create Biochar as a bi-product of our combustion process. This biochar can be used as a soil amendment which creates a recalcitrant soil carbon pool that is carbon-negative. Biochar is a stable solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for thousands of years and has been shown to mitigate climate change via carbon sequestration.

Biochar can actually reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by transforming the carbon in biomass into stable carbon structures. According to many studies, biochar implementation could offset as much as 12% of anthropogenic GHG emissions on an annual basis. The addition of the BET carbon sequestration technology to create biochar, represents a significant opportunity to BET System users through the extensive marketability and income generating potential of biochar.

Field testing results have shown that biochar outputs can be achieved without reducing the energy output and increasing the fuel input requirements of a BET System.

BioMass Energy Techniques works with our clients to improve total value by developing biochar conversion kits to complement our standard BET Systems. The PRD product line is designed for biochar producers who wish to maximize the yield rates and have more direct control on the pyrolysis process.