The PRD Product Line

Our Latest Technology.

Continuing to build on established technology, this product line combines years of established technology and operating principles to deliver a much needed solution to the market.

Reducing the need for harmful fossil fuels.

In 2020, the Innovation and Development Team at BioMass Energy Techniques set out to explore how our proprietary BET System could be combined with the proven rotary kiln technology to create a new solution which would provide the benefits of pyrolysis while reducing the need for harmful fossil fuels.

Traditional rotary kiln systems commonly use natural gas or propane as the thermal energy source to achieve the high temperatures needed to achieve pyrolysis. The operating costs and infrastructure requirements of using natural gas or propane as a fuel source combined with the negative environmental impacts of using fossil fuels, leave much to be desired in this solution. An effective solution by BioMass Energy Techniques would achieve the following targets:

Innovative Success.

Utilizing the high temperatures created in the gasification and combustion process of the BET System, this new, innovative solution allows for operator controlled retention times to achieve their process needs, while capturing the thermal gases following pyrolysis to be used for other purposes.

The success of this R&D Project in 2020 led to the official creation of the new Pyrolysis Rotary Drum (PRD) product line.